Sign Painting Learning Kit – Complete Set



earn the basics of sign painting with The Sign Painting Learning Kit. This PDF pages will guide you from practicing the fundamental strokes to the actual lettering.
Simply print the pages on A1 sized paper (W: 33.1 inch x H: 23.4 inch) and start right away!


The Sign Painting Learning Kit PDF version is a collection of guide sheets designed for beginners who want to learn the basic techniques of lettering with brush and paint.

All the guide sheets are numbered to guide your practice from the most basic to the application of painting the letters.

By completing all the fundamentals in this learning kit you will have a solid foundation to paint any style of lettering or any artwork that requires brush handling skill.

The Complete Set consists of ten pages of printable guide sheets:

  • Four pages of six primary strokes: vertical, horizontal, diagonal leaning right, diagonal leaning left, half oval left side, half oval right side.
  • Two pages of combination strokes: oval, S-curves, triangle, square.
  • Three pages of basic letter styles: single-stroke block letters, built-up block letters, casual letters.
  • One page of written and visual instructions including a list of recommended brushes for practicing.

Print all the guide sheets in the PDF file on A1 paper. It’s recommended to add a layer of tracing paper on top of the guide sheet so you can use it repeatedly.

Check out the Sign Painting for Beginners Tutorial and start practicing!

Additional information

Page size

A1 paper (W: 841 mm x H: 594 mm — OR — W: 33.1 inch x H: 23.4 inch).


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